Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Our Learning in Grade One and Two

Happy New Year! We have been busily working hard in grade one and two. We have come back rested and ready to learn more!

- In French class we have been busy finishing up our Social Studies units.

In Grade One:  We have been looking at how our roles and responsibilities have changed over time. For instance, your child has created a timeline and drew and wrote about how they have changed to turn into the great grade one students that they are.  We have been looking at how our responsibilities are different in our roles. For example: what does "Maman fait"... what does " Papa fait". Both people have different responsibilities at home and at work.

In Grade Two: We have been working on finishing up our unit on Global Communities. We have looked at comparing different global communities such as Kenya and Nunavut. We are busy making graphic organizers to compare the communities in terms of clothing, food, housing, transportation, climate, continent, etc.

Both in grade one and two we are practicing how to communicate our learning in Social Studies. The grade ones are practicing how to describe their family and a responsibility that they have. Here is their exemplar.

Je m'appelle ___________________ ( Mme. McCann)
J'ai __________ # membres dans ma famille.

J'ai __________ (un mama)
J'ai _____________ ( un papa)
J'ai __________________ un chien
J'ai (un/deux) __________________ frères ou soeurs.

Je suis responsable pour ______________________________________ ( faire mon lit, écouter, ramasser mes jouets).

Practice at home would be appreciated.

In Grade Two: Here is our exemplar. The grade two's now have to explain orally where they live in connection to their communities.

Je m'appelle ___________________
Mon école s'appelle St. Isabel.
Mon quartier s'appelle Kanata
Ma ville s'appelle Ottawa.
Mon pays s'appelle le Canada.
Ma province est l'Ontario.

I have asked them to create on their own two sentences about Kenya or Nunavut.
For example: Nunavut est un pays froid. Kenya est un pays chaud. Nunavut est au Canada. Kenya est à l'Afrique. Il y a des éléphants à Kenya.

We are also talking about Winter. Review with the words below as well as the sentences would be appreciated.

Thank you again for all the help you do and the support you give in helping your child to learn a second language.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Social Studies Goals Grade Two

In grade two, we are working on map and globe skills. We are working on the following:

- To identify on a globe the following elements:
          1) l'équateur
          2) Le pôle sud
          3) Le pôle nord
          4) L'hémisphère sud
           5) L'hémisphère nord

2) Identifying Canada, Ontario and Ottawa on a map of North America. Understanding the following sentences.
     - Mon pays est: Le Canada
     - Ma province est: L'Ontario
    - Ma ville est: Ottawa

3) Identifying the oceans surrounding North America
- Océan Atlantique, Océan Pacifique, Océan Arctique

4) Identifying all 7 continents

5) Identifying cardinal points ( nord, sud, est, ouest) and understanding directionality.

6) Identifying symbols and a legend on a map and eventually transferring that knowledge in the creation of their own. 

I will be sending home a review package this upcoming week to practice these skills so we can later apply it to our final project.

Please review the following vocabulary and sentences for reading.


Social Studies Goals Gr.1

Please review vocabulary associated with our Social Studies Unit-- Roles and Responsibilities. 

We have been discussing the meaning of what is a role and a responsibility.

Une rôle: La position de quelqu'un 

Exemples:  enseignante, élève, maman, papa, frère, soeur, grand-papa, grand-maman

Une responsabilité:    C'est notre travail et nos devoirs dans un role. 

We are practicing the vocabulary of our responsibilities at home and at school.

Mes responsabilités à l'école:

- J'écoute ma professeure Image result for listen to your teacher

- J'attends mon tour Image result for wait your turn
- Je partage Image result for sharing clipart
- Je couvre ma bouche Image result for covering mouth clipart
- Je lève ma main Image result for raising my hand
- Je nettoie mes jouets Image result for cleaning my toys clipart
- Je fais mon travail Image result for doing homework clipart
- J'aide mes amis Image result for helping others clipart

Mes responsabilités à la maison

( moi, papa ou maman).

- I will be sending home in your child's agenda two sheets. One sheet will be on their family and the other one will be about their responsabilities at home.