Sunday, October 21, 2018

Hallowe'en Words Gr.1 and Gr.2

Gr. 2 Vocab to Work On

Gr.2 Learning- Month of October.

In grade two, we have been working tremendously hard to learn how to describe our friends orally. We have been practicing to do so, without a model. Your child has done a video using "We Video" and they should be in your child's French folder in google drive. You can access this through their OCSB account. Please do not delete the video! These are for you to see in regards to your child's learning and are used for evaluative purposes.

We have worked hard in learning the parts of the body in order to better describe orally our friends. We have been working on our colour words as well. Our goal in grade two is to be able to read them in texts.

We have been learning words in regards to Autumn. We will be working on a writing activity this week, using sentences with our five sentences. Please practice vocabulary and sentences at home.

In the next week, we will be working on describing a Hallowe'en monster. We will be using our built knowledge of body parts and colour words in order to describe.

Please see the following sheets for review.

Mme. McCann

Friday, October 19, 2018

Gr. 1 Learning- Month of October

We have been working very hard in grade one! Over the last few weeks, we have worked diligently on our phonics program. We have worked on the "Son A". We have been learning how to read words that have this sound.

We have also been working on our colours. We are able to identify them orally and when pointing to an object. Please continue to ask your child to find an object with the "colour" in French. This will help.

Here are our French colours:


We have also been working on identifying high frequency words in our messages and in our read a louds. These words include:


When reading with your child in French using "Lecture Enfant", please ask your child to perhaps identify these words. ( Please see last post on "Lecture Enfant".)

We have also been working on identifying members of our family in French. This helps our learning in Social studies.
Please see the following video. Practicing these words orally and in an authentic situation will help. 
La famille Simpson
Also, please add- le bébé for baby.
Also add: Grand-mama: Grandmother.

We have been beginning to discuss the roles and responsibilities we have as a member of our family and as a member of our classroom.

ex: À la maison, je suis un frère, une soeur. 
     À l'école, je suis un étudiant (e), je suis un ami etc. 

Lastly, we are working on Autumn vocabulary. We are using the sentence: À l'automne, je vois

J'ai une citrouille. (pumpkin) or Je vois une citrouille. 
J'ai une pomme. (Apple)
J'ai un gland. (Acorn)

J'ai une feuille.(leaf)

J'ai un râteau. ( a rake)
J'ai une araignée. ( a spider)
J'ai un fleur ( a flower)

If you are out and about and seeing these items, please point them out and have your child respond.. j'ai une feuille!!

Monday, October 1, 2018

French Reading Resource for Grades 1 & 2

Lecture Enfant Online French Reading Program
For homework this week, please explore the website with your child:

It is a wonderful resource for online audio books in French that are levelled to meet you child’s reading level.

It would be very beneficial to have your child listen to a book weekly
(books are very short from 30 seconds to 2 minutes) to develop language proficiency, pronunciation,
reading and comprehension skills as well as build vocabulary.

As they progress through the books they will move through the levels. Your child should be able to read,
pronounce and understand the books independently (without needing audio support) before moving onto
the next level.

We recommend that your child begin at reading skills level 1-4, and sight words.
This will provide a base for your child to learn French phonics.
Once your child is comfortable and fluent with these two levels, they can begin with “Ananas” or “Bateau’’
and continue to “Canard’’ and “Dauphin’’ etc.
Username:  isab
Password:  lire1 (its the number 1)
Thank you!

Madame McCann

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Grade Two Oral Language Goals

Please see the following four pictures. It would be helpful to work on the following four sheets. These oral sentences are review from grade one.

September Learning in Grade One

We have been practicing the following sentences in French over the past few weeks. Please review these words at home!

Oral: Practise these sentences:

Est-ce que je peux aller à la salle de toilette?      Can I go to the toilet.

Est ce que je peux boire de l'eau?           Can I get a drink of water?

Est-ce que je peux avoir un crayon?    Can I have a pencil.

Aide-moi si vous plait Madame.         Help me please!

S'il vous plait!                                     ¨Please

Merci!                                                  Thank You

Your Welcome                                      You're Welcome

Bonjour                                                 Hello!

Au Revoir                                             Goodbye

Comment t'appelles-tu?                        What is your name?

Je m'appelle.....                                      My name is....

Comment ça va?                                    How are you?

Ça va bien!                                              I am fine!

Ça va mal!                                               I am not well.

Ça va comme-ci comme ça!                    I am so-so!